About Rod Slinkard

Rod Slinkard is a nature and outdoor enthusiast who believes in one's connection with nature and that the closer one is to this connection; the more harmony one feels with his or her world.

His work with wildlife and landscapes comes from his many experiences exploring the back roads, rivers, country sides, and parks of Arkansas. The awe of experiencing an encounter with wildlife or a beautiful landscape is captured in a moment with the art he creates. Rod’s art explores angles of perspective and he uses a variety of mediums from oils, acrylics, photographs, watercolors, and pencils.


Born in the late 1950’s in Northwest Arkansas in the small town of Hiwasse, meaning ‘sunny spot’. His early life influenced his appreciation of the simple things like the sound of a whippoorwill’s lonesome cry, the sun on the porch on a cool spring morning or a meadow lark’s dance of deception to protect her brood. These connections with nature are the moments he tries to capture through his artwork.