Roberta Katz-Messenger

Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Roberta Katz-Messenger received her education from Blackburn University, the Chicago Art Institute, and Goodman School of Drama.


In 1969, a move to Denver with friends serendipitously introduced Roberta to what was to become her life-long love -- stained glass. It was here she met and apprenticed with Rhonda Dixon, a European-trained stained glass artist.

Then in 1972, seeking a more rural lifestyle and an opportunity to expand her stained glass skills, Roberta moved to Clinton, Arkansas, and opened Pentacle Studio.

Roberta showed the works of over 100 other Arkansas artists and artisans in the Pentacle Studio Art Gallery. Now Roberta, together with her husband Steve and their staff, continues to build stained glass projects for individual homes, as well as for liturgical and commercial projects. Several of their private commission pieces have been featured in publications such as Sterling/Lark Publishing Co.'s Stained Glass Basics, and Rodale Press' Handmade Cabinets and Doors. They were also an important part of a recent glass exhibit at the Pine Bluff Arts & Science Museum.